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A Message for Worriers

That voice in your head telling you the worse is going to happen. That fear you are feeling. Neither is from God. Neither is your own intuition, instincts or gut. You are NOT psychic. All those negative massages are coming from satan. Behind everything we see there is […]

Intelligent Design

When I see photos like this I see intelligent design. I really wish teachers would teach students the argument that exists regarding intelligent design and evolution WITHIN the scientific community. Tell them about the great scholars, scientists, physicists, etc — both past and present — who fully believe […]

For Debi

A New Blog Post: For my good friend Debi Gibney and anyone else who needs a little pick me up today. Writing this actually helped me as well. Thanks Debi for inspiring me. Debi I have days like that too. I see them now as treasures. I know […]

Completely Stuck

You’ve prayed. You’ve been studying the Word of God. All your Christian friends have given you advice. AND yet still stuck. Full of fear, worry and anxiety. A feeling of dread has completely taken over and no matter what you do you can’t shake it. Well like I […]