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Ziv Cee Ray

I've retired from the art world. Prints of my past work can be purchased via Orleans Heraldry in New Orleans. Ziv Cee Ray is a full time endeavor for me now. I worked as a hospital volunteer in the emergency room for quite some time. It was both the most painful experience of my life and the most meaningful. I hope through Ziv Cee Ray I can continue to help shine a bit of light into painful and seemingly hopeless situations. I've witnessed so much suffering, sorry, loss and pain but through it all I came to realize there is always hope even in the darkest hour. My grandmother use to always advise me, "Point them all to Christ and they will be all right". Thus, Welcome to Ziv Cee Ray Faith.

For Debi

A New Blog Post: For my good friend Debi Gibney and anyone else who needs a little pick me up today. Writing this actually helped me as well. Thanks Debi for inspiring me. Debi I have days like that too. I see them now as treasures. I know […]

Completely Stuck

You’ve prayed. You’ve been studying the Word of God. All your Christian friends have given you advice. AND yet still stuck. Full of fear, worry and anxiety. A feeling of dread has completely taken over and no matter what you do you can’t shake it. Well like I […]

Moments of Panic

We all get that panicked feeling in our gut at times.  It’s normal.  What we do with it though may not be normal.  If we always spiral out of control our faith needs a little work. Faith is work.  Those who expect to just wake up feeling spiritual […]

Winning the War Against Worry

So many never advance beyond a teenage level of faith.  They feel they must understand everything in order to do it.  That they must give their opinion and have a say and know everything that’s going on.  Teenagers tend to argue with authority and they get so emotional. […]