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Ziv Cee Ray

I've retired from the art world. Prints of my past work can be purchased via Orleans Heraldry in New Orleans. Ziv Cee Ray is a full time endeavor for me now. I worked as a hospital volunteer in the emergency room for quite some time. It was both the most painful experience of my life and the most meaningful. I hope through Ziv Cee Ray I can continue to help shine a bit of light into painful and seemingly hopeless situations. I've witnessed so much suffering, sorry, loss and pain but through it all I came to realize there is always hope even in the darkest hour. My grandmother use to always advise me, "Point them all to Christ and they will be all right". Thus, Welcome to Ziv Cee Ray Faith.

Only a Messenger

I’m just a servant and happy to be so.  People want to follow someone or something they can see.  Someone who can make them feel better right away for they’ve suffered greatly in their separation from God.  He is the light.  He is our refuge and strength.  A […]

Never Alone

I close my eyes and see worry and doubt as doors between me and Christ.  He is just on the other side of both.  And as I focus on Christ more and more the worry and doubt begin to fade away.  Sometimes too it helps to close your […]

A Message for Worriers

That voice in your head telling you the worse is going to happen. That fear you are feeling. Neither is from God. Neither is your own intuition, instincts or gut. You are NOT psychic. All those negative massages are coming from satan. Behind everything we see there is […]

Intelligent Design

When I see photos like this I see intelligent design. I really wish teachers would teach students the argument that exists regarding intelligent design and evolution WITHIN the scientific community. Tell them about the great scholars, scientists, physicists, etc — both past and present — who fully believe […]