The Good Fight – Ephesians 6:12

DSC_0639aSo you think you are under attack – you are.  You think all hell is breaking loose in your life – it is.  You believe your life is a battle ground – that’s right.  Now, you didn’t think Satan was just going to roll over and die when you decided to come to Christ and apply the teachings of the Gospel to your life did you?  Really???  Come on, you know better than that.  You’ve got a target on your back now that reads, ‘Child of God’.  And along with this title comes a mission statement, to take as many away from Satan as you possibly can and help them get home safe and sound to the Father. God doesn’t invest in ponds that are self serving and stagnant.  Only streams, rivers and oceans which add to everyone’s lives around them.  All of this makes you…..  That’s right a SOLDIER.  A soldier fighting for what is good, true and right.  You are advancing God’s kingdom here on earth.  Fighting to bring as much truth, love, joy, peace and kindness into the lives of everyone around you as you possibly can.  Fighting to share the good news of the Gospel – JESUS!

The trouble with us is that we expect everyone around us to be fighting the same good fight that we are but many are not on our team.  In fact far too often it is hard to tell who is on our team and who isn’t.  A wayward family member for instance can hurt us far worse than a stranger.  But, all of us tend to switch sides in the battle at times don’t we?  One day we are delivering a freshly baked apple pie to our new neighbor while the next we are gossiping because of jealousy.  Just how did she afford to buy that new car anyway….  Thus to win this battle we often have to go to war with our very own flesh. Which leaves us fighting a battle both without and within.  For the enemy has the power to whisper in our ears.  And if we choose to jump on board with these dark evil thoughts he is able to weaponized us against those we love.  We quickly find ourselves doing things like — taking anger and frustration out on family members and friends crushing their spirits in the process.  For the love they have for us brought all the walls down leaving them defenseless against the evil spewing from our unbridled tongues.  Wars within and wars without all of which can only be won through focusing completely on Christ.  Focusing on Christ is in fact the only action that can win a battle.  FOCUS ON HIM NOT THE PROBLEM this is the answer you are so desperately seeking.  For when we focus on him the mountains in our lives begin to move.  Only through him can we achieve victory in every battle we face.

DSC_0688aNow that you are fully aware that you are indeed at war perhaps you’ll stop being so surprised when you call sister and she ain’t so nice.  Or when a layoff occurs or a boss treats you like a cyborg who can work 24/7 and never get ill.  Perhaps, you’ll stop expecting people to be fair and do right by you.  This isn’t your home.  You are just travelling through.  So don’t kick your shoes off and sit back waiting for Grandma to bake you a chocolate cake each day.  This is a war zone.  Stay alert, stand guard over your life and listen closely when people speak.  Never lead with your feelings but use the analytical brain God gave you.  Think! Do not let your feelings rule your life.  Feelings lie. Feelings are temporary and feelings can change over time.  Satan manipulates us through our feelings.  People too can change over time.  Therefore keep your hope in Christ and Christ alone.  Deal with every hand you’re dealt just as he would — with forgiveness, love and kindness.  And when devastating dark situations come along remember you are the light.  This is no time to wallow in it for you have a job to do.  You are on a mission here to bring light in the darkness.  Strive to bring as much light of God’s love, mercy, forgiveness, goodness, kindness, grace and compassion into each situation as you possibly can.  Fight back with goodness and truth knowing you are not alone.  Toughen up! You know that you are not alone in this.  Jesus is right there beside you fighting every step of the way and when things get really tough he’ll carry you through.

Now, if you are still worried after reading the last two sentences then the issue is  — you do not believe this fact.  Belief is a choice.  We can choose to believe whatever we wish. Astronomy and fortune tellers reveal this fact about men. People actually believe all that nonsense and follow it diligently.  Thus choose to believe that Christ is with you.  Turn off all thoughts to the contrary.  You control your mind it does not control you.  It is a tool God gave you to use to get home safely.  You can think a thought or cast it out.  That’s how you win!  Govern your thoughts DSC_0696amoment by moment.  Apply self discipline to your mind. Christ is with you, focus on him not the storm and cast out ALL thoughts to the contrary.  Live prayed and studied up.  Jesus told us we’d face trouble here but he also said, ‘take heart, I have overcome the world’.  So when the problems strike know that you are fighting FROM victory and not for victory.  Jesus won the war for us.  You are saved.  You have a guarantee that you are going home.  There is a light at the end of the tunnel but until you get there you are called to be the light in the lives of everyone God brings across your path.

Cover and shield those you care about with intercessory prayers if they are not believers. If they are, constantly encourage them to get in the Word and live it.  And remember, even if everyone you love is acting up and being stubborn you are a child of God and you can move mountains with your prayers.  Moses parted the Red Sea for all that were in his company.  For all the seeds of Abraham.  The righteous and the unrighteous walked through on dry land because they were with him.  Put a covering over your family and friends each day by praying over their lives.  For they do not know it but they too are at war.  The battle which began with a mouthful of apple between good and evil rages on……

2018 Copyright Ziv Cee Ray.  All rights reserved.

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