Never Alone

DSC_0391I close my eyes and see worry and doubt as doors between me and Christ.  He is just on the other side of both.  And as I focus on Christ more and more the worry and doubt begin to fade away.  Sometimes too it helps to close your eyes and see him sitting right beside you.  This brings the truth that you are not alone — NEVER ALONE but yoked to Christ to the forefront of your mind.  Yoked means whatever you are going through he is right there in it with you.  You get hurt he hurts.  You suffer he suffers too.  You are in mourning he’s in mourning.  And rejection is something he knows far too well.  He’ll follow you anywhere.  But, Jesus doesn’t worry — he is never filled with worry and doubt. Turning down those roads is the same as making the decision to walk alone.

Where there is faith there is Christ.  Jesus never leaves the path of faith so we always know right where we left him.  He doesn’t leave us but we leave him when we drift back into worry and doubt which is of the flesh.  You will never find Jesus on either pathway nor when the two merge with fear.  His eyes are always on the Father and his desire is only to do his will.  When we join him in this we are walking together travelling in the same direction.  Jesus has promised to never leave or forsake us.  When we get caught up in worry and begin fixating on our problems — we have drifted back into the flesh and out of the spirit.  Which means we have hit the free will switch and separated from him.

Where do we leave Christ?  In the pathways of our minds.  I say this often as I myself tend to forget.  We control our thoughts they do not control us.  Our thoughts are the stepping stones which become the pathways of life.  Everything begins with a thought.  So when we do not control our thoughts of course life becomes just a huge tangled up confusing mess for there is no one steering the ship.  Thoughts are just flying fast, free and loose with no one considering, directing or correcting them.  There’s no Southern Mema type angel up there kicking everyone in the pants and keeping every thought in line.  Shouting things like, ‘hold your horses, shut your trap, now that thought was just plain stupid — of course you aren’t going to lose everything so don’t go sittin’ up all night like some idiot blowing this puppy out of proportion.  Boy, wouldn’t that be nice!  You’ve probably guessed by now my Mema was my mentor growing up.  Actually, we have something even better than a loving family member or bff to help us get our thoughts in order — we have the Word of God.  The Bible is the one thing which has the power to renew the mind and get it pointed in the right direction.  However, in far too many homes it simply sits gathering dust.  It is our sword and we are at war in a place that is not our home yet we rarely pick it up and take it with us.  The amount that our Bible is read reveals the truth of just how much we value it.

DSC_0392We are a mess, our life is a mess and everyone around us is a mess because we have been walking around like zombies leaving the ship to steer itself thus going wherever our emotions and feelings lead.  Oblivious to the fact that emotions and feelings are birth from our thoughts and if our thoughts weren’t monitored and considered closely then ALL — thoughts, emotions and feelings are wrong.  Our brain was not designed to run the show alone.  Our spirit was created to sit in the cockpit and analyze our thoughts and keep them pointed in the right direction – JESUS FIRST!  We were designed to walk with the Father not alone – never alone.  Now the next time you feel lost and confused just close your eyes and picture Jesus sitting right there beside you.  Make yourself aware that everything you are going through he is going through right there along side of you.  That the two of you are yoked.  You have a partner walking with you through life and when things get really tough he carries you.  Jesus will never leave or forsake you.  Don’t focus on your problem focus only on him for only he can make a way where there is no way.  You need answers he’s got them!

2018 Copyright Ziv Cee Ray.  All rights reserved.


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