Intelligent Design

75e076a956a8cb7f157cecc910825a50When I see photos like this I see intelligent design. I really wish teachers would teach students the argument that exists regarding intelligent design and evolution WITHIN the scientific community. Tell them about the great scholars, scientists, physicists, etc — both past and present — who fully believe in intelligent design. Let them know that greats like Isaac Newton made his discoveries beginning with intelligent design as the very foundation of his work. The most important thing we need to impart to students who have been brain washed into believing fully in evolution is that it is only a theory which has never been proven. Even today, with all of the advancements and new discoveries, Darwin has yet to be proven right. In fact, science is beginning to move in the opposite direction. Perhaps you’ve noticed many of the most famous atheists beginning to argue a point which stops just short of alien life. Watch closely as many of the most famous advocates of evolution, those who have made billions writing books on the subject, begin to move away from it. Why? Now that we can actually study DNA closely scientists have discovered the very thing that Darwin said would disprove his theory. Yet students are never told that Darwin had any doubts at all. Sadly, evolution is taught to them as fact. Let’s teach them the argument so that when new discoveries are made in the future they’ll know we did our very best to teach them not our opinion on matter but true knowledge based on proofs.

Copyright Ziv Cee Ray.  All rights reserved.

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