Completely Stuck

da7eb810c2040b00fee97537ea924b60You’ve prayed. You’ve been studying the Word of God. All your Christian friends have given you advice. AND yet still stuck. Full of fear, worry and anxiety. A feeling of dread has completely taken over and no matter what you do you can’t shake it. Well like I always say, ‘the answer is in the Word’. So was anyone in the Bible ever in such a state? Ole yeah — Paul, Moses, David the list goes on and on. What did they do? Let’s take David for example. He was a devout man of God but also, like us, worry and fear sometimes got the best of him. Look at Psalm 43. Here we don’t find the mind set he had when he took down Goliath. Here we find him struggling. Go to verse 5 and you’ll find the answer you are seeking as David says, ‘Why are you cast down O my soul and why are you in turmoil within me? Hope in God, for I shall again praise Him, my salvation and my God.’ Now many after reading this Scripture think, ‘but I have been hoping in God and nothing has happened’. They missed the point. David isn’t talking to God and he’s not necessarily talking about hope. And note he says, ‘I will again praise Him’. So at the moment David’s not even in a place of gratitude. David is talking to his soul. That’s the point we really need to focus on here. 9ac5fc2afb5dd1f705bcc80d42e85b49He is getting himself in order. He’s doing what my grandmother would instruct me to do when I’d get down and discouraged. She use to say, ‘Go look in the mirror and have a good talk to yourself’. In other words she was telling me to fix my thinking. For we are the only ones who can do that. So when we get down and discouraged — when we’ve done all we can in our own strength and we have been seeking God’s help — YET, we are still a mess…… The problem is within and only we can fix it by talking to our soul like David did. We must give ourselves the same advice we give our friends. Now there’s a word for me.  And sometimes we have to parent ourselves for no matter how old we get we can still in our thinking be a bit of a teenager at times. No need to be ashamed, we all do it. The real issue here is self will. God will not come into your mind and change your thinking. You can renew your mind through the Word of God by your own self will but He’s not going to control your thoughts. Why? Why doesn’t He just fill us to the brim with hope and faith right from the start of our walk with Him? Because God doesn’t want slaves, He is seeking family. He isn’t going to brain wash you into faith or program you. a15c93e6b051cd594acd57f76595a440He plants a seed of faith when we are Baptised and it is up to us to do the work and become mature in our faith. Why? God always wants us to have a say. A choice in the matter. Freedom matters to Him. We are free to choose our own path or to follow Him. And if you are thinking you are going to go down as much as He loves you He has to let you sink because your will is totally focused not on Him but on your problems. In a sense your problems have become your God because you believe they have the power to destroy you. And if you believe your problems have the power to destroy you then you cannot at the same time believe that God has the power to deliver you. Look at the mathematics of the universe. A positive times a negative will always equal a negative. You’ve got to get some positive thinking flowing up in that head of yours or all the negatives will wipe out your faith and shut down the your soul from communicating with the Spirit. Thus David spoke to his soul first, got himself in order and then, knowing that the Spirit and soul no longer had a blockage of wrong patterns of thinking — He spoke to the Spirit. Never forget how the direction of the flow in the world — body, soul, Spirit — contrasts with the direction of the flow in the life of a Christian — Spirit, soul, body. We must guard our thoughts for they block the flow. Capture each and every thought and make sure it is to the glory of the Lord so God can deliver you.

Copyright Ziv Cee Ray.  All rights reserved.

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