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41d560cb7268fb36f425d62087870a3dA New Blog Post: For my good friend Debi Gibney and anyone else who needs a little pick me up today. Writing this actually helped me as well. Thanks Debi for inspiring me. Debi I have days like that too. I see them now as treasures. I know that sounds strange. But it’s those days that have driven me to a much deeper level of faith. It took me years to understand what Paul meant when he wrote, ‘Consider it all joy when you face trials blah blah blah….’. I actually use to get angry when I read that. I’ve always thought, ‘NO Paul — I’ll never be able to consider it ‘ALL’ joy. I’ve been through some things in life that no human being should have had to go through.’ But then one day I realized that if it hadn’t been for ‘those things’ I wouldn’t have the relationship with our Heavenly Father that I have. If I had had the perfect ‘this’ or ‘that’ then I would be like those who do have the perfect ‘this’ or ‘that’….drifting through the world feeling as if they have arrived when in truth they are lost for we are all just travellers here. Nothing will be permanent until we get home so ALL focus ‘yes everyone’s focus’ should be on the end goal. The only goal that matters in the eternal sense — is getting home to the Father. You see only those of us who have had a life filled with trails know where stability truly exists – IN CHRIST AND CHRIST ALONE. How lucky we are that life hasn’t lulled us to sleep and we are reminded by trouble that we need to stay on the pathway home. Brother Lawrence too said something in his letters that took me quite a bit of time to wrap my brain around. He said that he actually yearned for trouble because it drew him closer to the Father. Imagine that? Actually wanting a storm to hit so you’ll be reminded of what’s most important. God. To be driven back home in your thoughts, decisions and choices to the Father. To be put in a situation where your only way out is to focus solely and completely on Him. Allowing the storms to pass through the hedge of protection our Heavenly Father has around our lives is the purist form of love for never be mistaken — it hurts Him when He sees us hurting. He is always there. His silence IS the answer to your prayers. It means — Get in the Word! Dig in deep, study, be patient, be still and know that I am God. Know that I’m working everything out for your good. — The Heavenly Father doesn’t give us what we want. He gives us what we need. He does what’s best for us spiritually in every situation. The state of our soul will always come first for He is looking for a reflection of Christ in us when we cry out to Him. ‘How much of my Word is in them’, He asks He wants us to be pure, good and holy for that’s the only way we’ll be able to come home into His presence for He is pure light. I think we forget sometimes that God isn’t like an earthly Father. That He actually is so much more – Our Creator. He knows everything about us. If a hair falls from our head, He not only is aware of it but he knows the very number of the hair. ‘That’s number 1018. I remember the very moment it grew.’ We matter that much to Him. Nothing on earth can compare to the love the Father has for us. He is the energy that holds the atoms of our body together and provides every breath we breathe. How dare we ask, ‘where are you God’ for if He were not present we would be nothing more than dust. But then, turn all these thoughts on their head and think how much God must love us that He wants to devote such time and energy to us. That he wants us to communicate with Him and learn how to handle trials. This isn’t true for everyone. He doesn’t call everyone. Yes, he sustains them but He doesn’t call them. Only a few hear the voice of the Shepherd. Those who will follow. For He knows whose hearts will change and whose will not. Some only become more corrupt when trouble hits. Some pray ’til the storm passes then drift back into the world. 44ac5fe4d7c190ad2ad2a8e4fa59f877A lukewarm faith of which God says, ‘You will call to Me in the day and I’ll say get away from Me you never knew Me.’ Those of us who hear, listen and apply — WOW, how blessed we are. And if trials is what is required to take me to an ever deeper level of faith, ‘Jesus bring the rain’. So Paul and Brother Lawrence thank you for the words you left us. I get it now. My own trials and the struggle to survive them did what nothing else on earth could — they drove me to my knees. And anything that brings us back to God is good. Write that down and post it on your fridge, bathroom mirror and put it in your pocket – ANYTHING THAT BRINGS US BACK TO GOD IS GOOD. Because life is going to give you a run for your money at times. Train your mind to look for God’s hand in every situation. You are not alone. You are NEVER alone. Our Heavenly Father doesn’t cause the storms but He will always take what the devil meant for evil and use it for your good that I promise you. I have seen Him do it in my own life many times. Just when life had me up against the ropes God broke through and gave me a strength and peace that surpassed all understanding. I got my fight back and won a spiritual victory every time. And what I’ve learned from trouble itself is this –what many would consider ‘bad moments’ are ‘blessed moments’ for a Christian. For when we are weak He is strong. When we look back over our lives we will no doubt realize that the painful moments were like road signs that pointed us back to our Father. All eyes on Him trouble shouts!!! All eyes on Him. He will lead, guide, protect, provide, make a way where there is no way and through the life of Job we learned that He truly does give us double for our trouble. See worry as a sign that you need to dig in deep to the Word of God. See it only as a symptom with a solution and not something that you must endure. Symptom: Worry. Medication: The Word of God. Never forget God didn’t give us a spirit of fear but a SOUND mind!!! Fear is not from God but the evil one. Defeat it with truth which can only be found in the Word of God. You are fighting a battle — unsheathe your sword.

2018 Copyright Ziv Cee Ray Faith.  All rights reserved.

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