Overcoming Worry & Anxiety

Winning the War Against Worry

churchonthehillwebsite2So many never advance beyond a teenage level of faith.  They feel they must understand everything in order to do it.  That they must give their opinion and have a say and know everything that’s going on.  Teenagers tend to argue with authority and they get so emotional. They put themselves through much needless suffering by not trusting the good people in their lives who are trying to guide and help them.  Fear, anxiety and stress rule them.  So often we approach God in this way.  Angry, upset and full of doubt.  This behaviour will never move God.  It is disobedience.  HUMBLE YOURSELF BEFORE YOUR GOD.  With God it is all about trust.  He will not act until you learn to trust Him.  You can cry all night long if you want to but until you get back in faith that mountain is not going to move.

We must learn to live without answers.  To do all we can and STAND in FAITH knowing that God WILL DO what we cannot.  But often we must wait and do so respectfully not questioning and doubting.  When God says wait, we wait, end of story.  Far too often we allow our emotions take over while we are waiting.  But this is no time to lose our heads.  We must study, pray and rest.  No more staying up all night worried about situations you’ve surrendered to God in prayer.  You either trust Him or you don’t.  And if you are all upset, your emotional state is evidence that you don’t so dig into the Word of God and study.  Get control of your mind so satan won’t be able to manipulate you into losing so much sleep.

Worry doesn’t do anything but make us weaker which only makes the situations in our lives that we are trying to deal with worse.  God does not respond to pity parties.  It’s time to toughen up.  So pick up your sword the Word of God and win the war for your mind. Where do you think all that fear is coming from?  Satan.  The battlefield for your soul is your mind.  And in times of suffering satan brings out every weapon in his arsenal; worry, fear, doubt, frustration, anxiety, regret, memories of past mistakes, fearful thoughts about the future, etc.  God gives us free will.  He will never manipulate us through our thoughts and emotions.  God didn’t give us a spirit of fear. NO!  He blessed us with a SOUND mind.  You therefore have the power to pull yourself together and deal with any and every situation that you encounter.  God never gives us anything we cannot deal with.  And we are never alone.  God is with you so turn away from the darkness, doubt and worry, and turn back to the light, peace and hope.  God is there, you simply have to think right thoughts in order for Him to do great things in your life.  If you need more strength, patience or both ask and He’ll give it to you.  God speaks through His Word.  Instead of sitting up all night entertaining the thoughts satan is putting in your head choose instead to study the Word of God.  Drift off to sleep reading not worrying.  We must begin to see worry as satan’s radio and learn how to turn it off.


God will never speak to you when you are in a worried state.  Worry is the opposite of faith.  The door He walks through into our lives to help us is faith. Only Faith.  How often have you slammed that door shut with worry? You can cry if you want to but until you get up and stop putting yourself through all that unnecessary additional suffering and get back in faith nothing is going to happen.  You must decide what you want most – to keep worrying or to see God’s glory.  God’s light cannot come where there is darkness. You cannot have both worry and faith.  And believe it or not worry is a choice.  You are deciding to live in worry and not walk by faith.  You control your brain it does not control you.  Surrender all at the foot of the Cross and become a prisoner of hope.

Copyright Prisoner of Hope.  All rights reserved.

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