Overcoming Worry & Anxiety

Moments of Panic

churchdoor2websiteWe all get that panicked feeling in our gut at times.  It’s normal.  What we do with it though may not be normal.  If we always spiral out of control our faith needs a little work. Faith is work.  Those who expect to just wake up feeling spiritual each morning will be sadly disappointed.  I’ve had a few mornings like that but most of the time I have to wake up and get my thoughts pointed in the right direction – Christ 1st!  You see our feelings and emotions are the result of what we have been thinking.  Dreams are our brain’s way of organizing information, attempting to make sense of the things we’ve either been through or are thinking.  Thus often we wake up feeling like we did when the past events the brain was working on the night before occurred.  In order to feel strong spiritually we must get out of our thoughts and back in the Word and meditate on how God thinks.  Sorry there’s no way around it.  People want an easy fix but there isn’t one.  A true commitment means that you study God’s Word regularly. Either put God first or your name won’t appear on His daily ‘to do’ list either.  When the Bible says that our God is a jealous God it simply means we are to put nothing before Him and are not to worship anything but Him.  The God of the Universe is not to be taken for granted or called upon only when a helping hand is needed.

We should prepare for the trouble life brings in advance.  Jesus told us in John 16:33 “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace.  In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”  Not that we should go around expecting bad things to happen.  Quite the opposite we should wake up each morning and say, ‘something good is going to happen to me today’.  Maintaining a positive attitude is extremely important.  Think Up Go Up – Think Down Go Down.  But also, we must stay studied and prayed up so when the storms of life hit we’ll be ready and able to conquer them through Christ.  Good advice but what if you are in the midst of a storm right now? Well, I’m glad you asked.  God will give you strength the moment you ask for it.  Ask right now!  He is a loving, kind and merciful Father.  He loves you and cares about everything you are going through be it a big situation or a small one.  His love has no limits.  Just take one step toward Him and He’ll come running to you.  Our Heavenly Father watches and waits all day for our call yearning to walk with us so He can show us the best route to take for He can see in advance where every decision will take us.  He yearns to give us insight and knowledge to help us avoid pain and suffering in the future.  Image how you feel towards your children.  Human love is a very small thing indeed compared to the love God has for us, His Children.  I ask for more strength as soon as I open my eyes each morning.  Life has a way of throwing curve balls at us and I want to be ready and able for any and everything.  Stay positive but be prepared just in case trouble comes your way.  If you don’t have much time to really dig into the Bible, Psalms will do in a pinch. Keep something spiritual playing in the background while you work.  It’s amazing how I’ll be vacuuming the house, turn it off and hear either Joyce Meyer or Charles Stanley, the two Bible teachers I play most frequently on my laptop, make a point that fills me with joy, courage and strength.  Have sermons ready and waiting for storm survival.  We fill our cabinets with soup, water, batteries and candles for external storms which rarely occur but do very little for the storms which strike almost daily – internal storms.  Put together a soul survival kit; favorite quotes, sermons, music and most important Scripture.  Out of all the things we do to make ourselves feel better only Scripture has the power to transform and renew the mind.  Always go there first.  When in the midst of panic bring yourself back into the moment. Take a pause; shut off your thoughts, yes you have the power to do that for you control your mind it DOES NOT control you, take a few deep breaths and focus only on the moment. Once you are back in the now and no longer lost in fear and anxiety — program your mind with good thoughts which will defeat the bad ones and meditate on God’s promises.  Tend your mind, your garden, daily and destroy all the bad thoughts and plant good ones.  Strengthen, restore and renew your mind with the Word of God.  God loves you!  He has promised to fight your battles for you and provide.  If you have trouble believing God’s promises study Psalms.


We get off into worry when we stop believing God will help us.  Worry is the opposite of faith.  It’s important that we stay in faith at all times and not lose our head.  Write this down and post it where you will come across it frequently throughout your day, “the battlefield is the mind conquer it and you conquer life”.  Get your head together before you make any decisions.  Do nothing out of fear.  Do not take one step out of faith because only there are you protected under the covering of God.  Remain there – remain steadfast in Him.  Our Heavenly Father is our strong tower our place of refuge and strength. Live there.  Say ‘no’ to anything that doesn’t match up with God’s Word.  Trust and obey.  God cannot protect you if you go into the darkness.  The world’s ways may work for a moment but the solutions you find there only bring more heartache and trouble in the end.  So when panic sets in, be still and do not act.  Calm yourself.  God is real.  His help is real.  He gives us real solutions to everyday problems when we wait on Him.  He will help you!!!  BELIEVE.  Once calm if you don’t need to make a decision wait. If an immediately decision must be made make sure you put boundaries around your options.  If the solution requires that you deviate from God’s Word in any way don’t do it. Strike out in a direction if it is the wrong one He will let you know. Work hard and do all you can do in your own strength then STAND.  Study God’s Word and pray.  He will make a way where there is no way if you stay in faith.  So you see there is never a need to panic. God is with us.  We are not alone.  He is a very present help in times of trouble. BELIEVE!  Jesus said in order to receive we MUST believe.  God will help you.  Trust Him, you won’t be disappointed.

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