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Coping with Disappointment



Cee Howard

Life definitely has its highs and lows.  During the lows we sometimes put too much hope in worldly opportunities, things and relationships.  It’s as if we are desperately searching for a lifeline we can see.  We forget God is always right there beside us.  We are truly never alone.  And our strength comes from Him.  Our help comes from Him.  Yes, there are times we need saving but we already have a Savior and need only to turn to Him for solutions.  When we put our hope in Him and keep it in Him we are never disappointed.

Putting our hope in Christ doesn’t mean for example, we prayed that a job interview would go well and expect to get the job.  Yes we should try – yet, we keep our hope in Christ.  Always in Him and only in Him.  Not the company.  Not the job.  Just Him.  Here the, ‘do all we can do and stand principle’ comes into play.  Give the interview all you’ve got then give it to God.  Knowing that if the job is His will, if it is what’s best for you, nothing can stop it from happening.  But if you don’t get the job with your hope still firmly fixed on God’s promise to provide you are able to remain in a positive state.

Far too often when our requests don’t get answered we begin to feel hopeless.  Especially when many efforts have proven fruitless.  In these moments we must recognize the test.  When you don’t get the job but remain full of hope you’ve passed and reached a higher level of faith.  Hopelessness takes root in our spirit when we take our hope out of Christ and put it into what we are seeking – a car, a job, a house, relationship, etc.  When this happens we must tend the garden of faith and study the Word of God until once again the sun breaks through in our spirit and all the weeds – worry, doubt, fear, confusion and hopelessness – are left at the foot of the Cross.


We should pray about absolutely everything.  In fact we should never make a decision without first taking it to the Lord in prayer.  Jesus said to pray without ceasing.  But when we pray we must remind ourselves not to shift our hope off Christ and onto what we are praying for.  Whether you get the job or not stay in faith.  Hope should always remain firmly fixed in Him and Him alone.  When we live this way we are never disappointed.  Impossible?  Not when we make a commitment to trust God.  When one is committed the relationship is stable and firmly fixed regardless of situations or circumstances.

Trusting God, being fully committed to following Him and keeping our hope in Him enables us to live in a, ‘THY WILL BE DONE’ state and pray accordingly.  A faith filled prayer for example is, “Lord I want this but if it is not what’s best for me let thy will be done.  I want your will for my life.”  Every request should be approached in such a manner for only God can see where choices and decisions will take us for all of life — past, present and future — is laid out before Him.  With divine foresight and knowledge He directs our course.  We often wish we had a crystal ball so we could see the future but we have something so much better an omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient Father who created and owns the universe.

Keeping our hope solely in Christ requires faith.  Faith is believing in the unseen.  It’s not a feeling but a decision.  We must make up our minds and vow to keep our eyes firmly fixed on Him regardless of our circumstances.  We are not to wait until we ‘feel’ His presence to make decisions.  We pray, do all we can in our own strength and then, after we have exhausted all possibilities stand in faith.  God will always do what we cannot.  He will make a way where there is no way if necessary.  Do not doubt His power to heal the past, provide for present needs and guide your future.

Remember just because an opportunity arises it does not mean you’ve found your answer.  Pursue but keep your hope in God.  Perhaps there is something in the opportunity that’s meant to prepare you for a much greater one.  When God closes one door He always opens another.  God’s power is released through faith.  Only through faith.  Jesus said that we must believe in order to receive.  He didn’t mean that if we believe we’ll get exactly what we ask for.  He meant God will always provide for us.  So if not that job then the next or perhaps a solution you never would have thought of on your own.  Remember God’s ways are not our ways they are higher.  I don’t know about you but I’d much rather have the God of the Universe’s plan for my life than anything a human brain could surmise.  Keep your hope in Christ and He’ll take you places you’ve never imagined.


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