Don’t waste your NOW!


Don’t waste your NOW.  Why didn’t God give us control over our past or the ability to predict the future?  Why won’t He let us see what’s going to happen next week, next month or a year from now?  The answer is found in a pause.  Just stop for a brief moment, focus on your surroundings and take a deep breath.  Be fully present in the here and now.  This is life.  Quite clearly our Heavenly Father wants us to live every moment of our lives to the fullest.

God promised to never give us more than we can handle but often we live in a way that was not designed by Him.  Many despite the fact that they can’t go back or forward in time do throw away each new day reliving past heartaches or worrying about the future.  Just imagine if they had the power to visit the past or future.  They would never be present at all.  Mental health professionals will tell you that holding on to past regrets or worrying about the future wreaks havoc not only on the brain but the body as well.  Stress is a killer and a thief.  It robs chronic worriers of each new day, every moment and harms their relationships.  For we are not truly ourselves when stress takes over.  We would not suffer such losses if we chose to live in truth rather than fixating on the past or future.  The fact is God will heal our past and redirect our course when we are headed in the wrong direction if we trust Him.  He has given us peace and He did not give us a spirit of fear.  He has instructed us not to fret or as we say today, ‘worry’.  And what of the strength required not to worry?  Well the Bible tells us where that strength can be found.  Not in self but in Christ.  So if more strength is required we need only to ask and He will bestow it upon us.

Our brains were designed to trust and walk with God through faith.  Jesus died because He knew we’d sin.  Our Saviour wanted to make a way for us to be at peace with our past so we could focus on living life which is the moment.  When we repent we are washed in His blood and free to begin again completely renewed in Him.  God forgives, forgets and sets us free from past mistakes.  We must learn to leave regret at the foot of the cross and pray for the strength not to go back and pick it up again.  We must learn to live in truth.  There is NO condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.  When my past mistakes rear their ugly heads I immediately ask Jesus to heal my past and then refuse to allow the thoughts that have arisen to take root.  We control our brains.  They do not control us.  Lastly, I remind myself of the fact that there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.  Often it is simply satan trying to wreck my day.  He loves to throw painful memories at us when we are beginning to make progress.  He attempts to use painful memories from our past like roadblocks to stop us from going forward so we can receive future blessings.  Be so busy living in the moment that you have no time for regret.  And stop worrying about the future.  God speaks in the now.  Listen!  Don’t get ahead of Him.  Focus instead on learning to trust Him more by studying His Word.  How long has it been since you really dug in deep and studied the Word of God?  Think you don’t have time?  Well, tell me how much time do you invest in depression and worry each day?

God is in your tomorrow preparing a way for you.  Opening doors and moving trouble out of the way to ensure safe passage and blessings.  But like any good parent God is not going to sit down and give a play by play.  You are the child and He is the Father.  So often in our relationship with God we behave like entitled teens thinking that the God of the Universe needs our advice and direction or that He must keep us updated on what He is doing on our behalf.  You prayed, He listened and He is working things out for you end of story.  Being able to live without answers remaining in a state of peace always abounding in hope fully trusting in God to work things out in one’s favor is grown up faith.  A goal every Christian should strive to achieve.

Begin to view regret and worrying as sin then you will be set free to live in the moment.  Yes, worry is a choice.  Yes, worry is sin.  Why do we feel so helpless when it comes to worry?  Far too often we put our feelings and emotions in the driver’s seat and allow them to direct our course not God.  By striving not to be led by feelings and emotions we regain control of our thoughts then we can redirect them back to God’s truth.  Do not let your feelings rule over you only God should be placed on the throne over your life.  Know that often you won’t feel His presence for faith comes from knowing, trusting, and believing.  God wants our faith to become fully mature thus not needing to be propped up all the time.  The world seeks to feel something but we are to strive for knowledge of God’s Word.  The world seeks to feel that which we know through studying God’s Word.  To those who say, “I can’t help but worry” the Word of God replies, “you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you”.  We live by faith trusting in God’s Word not our feelings.  We decide to believe.  It’s a decision not a feeling.  You might not feel blessed but the truth is if you are committed to following Christ you are.  Worry is in fact doubting God’s ability to help you which is the very opposite of faith.  God only works where there is an attitude of faith.  Many say to God, “prove it to me and I will believe”.  To this He will only ever respond, “believe and I will prove it to you”.  Thus worry does truly cause Him to withdraw His hand from a situation.

The God of the Universe is not going to play games with humans.  He will not step down off His throne and do things our way.  He loves us unconditionally but the fact is human ways do not work.  Worry will never move God to act on our behalf.  We must trust, obey and BELIEVE in His power.  That’s faith.  Faith is the door our Heavenly Father walks into our lives through.  Regret and worry slams and locks that door shut.  We must do whatever it takes to BELIEVE in his power to heal our past and direct our future.  How?  There is only one way.  Open your Bible and study.  God speaks to us through His Word and His promises are only for whosoever will.  Whosoever will study His Word and apply it to their lives.  God does not answer luke warm believers prayers and they should not expect Him to do so for they have not surrendered their lives to Him.  Those who have not been following Him and are not committed to doing so in the future cannot blame Him for the trouble their decisions and choices have brought into their lives.  And those who are not willing to follow should not expect Him to bow to their ways of worship.

There is no such thing as what the world refers to as, “a personal relationship with God”.  Not in the sense the world means which is this, “I” do things “my” way and God goes along with it.  We are to enter into a relationship with Him BUT there is only one way, His way.  Which is found by studying His Word.  Reading the Word of God should be our number one priority.  We work our schedule around Him.  We do not work Him around our schedule.  We are to seek God first and keep God first place in our lives.  When we listen and obey He is then able to heal our past and provide for our future.  Not even a parent or friend can help us when we do not listen and apply their advice to our lives.  There is never a need for worry.  God will tell us when the time is right what we are to do.  Until then, we are to study and learn His ways.  Which when it comes to dealing with life is to cast our cares on Him, trust, obey, do all we can do in our own strength and then STAND in faith.

We must learn to follow Him with child like faith.  To trust our loving devoted Heavenly Father so completely that our regrets and worries about tomorrow fade away.  His ways are not our ways they are higher.  We wouldn’t even be able to understand if He tried to explain all that He does daily on our behalf.  You know that He loves you and He has promised to provide for you so let that be enough.  Live in the moment.  Stop asking what’s going to happen tomorrow because God hasn’t given you tomorrow yet.  Tomorrow still belongs to Him.  Don’t you know that every breath you breathe is simply a gift from God not a given.  Even the atoms of your body are held together by energy on loan from Him.  All that we are and all that we have are His.  He will take care of us if we trust and seek Him daily.  And haven’t you learned yet how short and fleeting life can be?  That day you wasted yesterday all stressed out and worried about the future or reliving past hurts is gone now.  You will never get it back.  Stop taking the moment for granted assuming tomorrow is a promise.  Life is HERE and NOW!  It’s time to let go of the past and trust God with the future.

Copyright Prisoner of Hope 888.  All rights reserved.

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