The Darkest Hours

DSC_0054eThe darkest hours are those moments when everything is just too much.  Prayer doesn’t seem to help.  Studying the Word of God doesn’t bring peace.  Talking to Christian friends yields no results.  You need immediately relief from a storm that has reached hurricane levels in your life.  What do you do when you simply can’t take anymore?  Satan would love for you to think that this is the breaking point but the truth is God has promised to never let you go through anything you can’t handle.  So why if God is in control of the storm and strength comes from God, AND you are in faith do you feel so helpless?  The answer is not as complex as many would have you believe.  It’s actually quite simple.  Somewhere along the way you took your eyes off God and began to focus on the storm.  So the first step is the same as I have mentioned in previous posts on this subject, ‘tell your brain to shut up’.  You don’t need to hear from anyone right now not even yourself.  What’s needed is that small still voice inside to speak, guide and direct you.  God’s ways are not our ways they are higher.  And right now more than ever you need to hear from Him.  So with your brain in neutral bring Christ to the forefront.  Brush aside all thoughts of defeat, fear, pain and frustration then put Christ back on the throne.  Surrender every thought to Him.

Now that everything is back in its proper perspective read through Psalms.  Take a notepad and jot down God’s promises.  Write the ones that immediately touch your spirit again and again until you believe them.  God does speak through His Word but only when we are in faith.  He has the solution to all our problems.  Your goal here is to get out of fear and back in faith so God can guide you.  You see the door He walks through into our lives to help us is faith.  We lock Him out when we get into states of fear, depression, worry, stress, doubt and anger.  If you truly believe that the God of the universe is walking with you daily, working things out in your favour and committed to bringing you to a place of eternal security why does this world hold such power over you?  Why is it able to hurt you so deeply?  Somewhere along the way you went back into the world and put your hope in people, relationships and the things around you.  Secondly, you forgot that ultimately the battles you face don’t belong to you they belong to the Lord.  You stepped in the gap between God and the problem.  So now you must step aside, get back in faith and let your hope rest only in the one who promises to never leave or forsake you.


Once you’ve studied the Word for a while no doubt you’ll begin to feel a since of hope.  Now go into prayer.  Don’t pray before you get your head together.  Always remember the door God walks through to help us is faith.  He doesn’t answer worry fear filled prayers.  He can’t because worry is the opposite of faith.  Worry is evidence that we don’t believe God will help us.  Lastly, remember when we pray we must believe that we’ve received it.  Now that you’ve got your thinking straight with study and prayer get some rest.  If you find yourself in a mental wrestling match with worry and fear again tell your brain to shut up and go back to studying the Bible.  It’s better to sit up all night reading the Word of God rather than tossing and turning.  I often read until I drift off to sleep.


Make sure you profit from your suffering.  Watch your thoughts and behaviour.  This is a valuable moment.  When we suffer we are able to study the deepest levels of our personalities providing us with the unique opportunity to see what lies beneath the behaviour we normally project.  Do you really trust God?  How strong is your faith?  Can you actually cast your care and stand?  You don’t know what your made of until you are put to the test.  How we act in the eye of storm reveals the condition of our souls.  Does a storm cause you to anchor deep in your faith or run from God looking for worldly ways to deal with situations?

During a storm we may feel that everything is out of control but that’s not true.  God is always in control of a believer’s life.  He is more than sufficient to deal with any issue we encounter but we must trust Him.  His grace is sufficient to guide us through.  God has set a limit on the storm.  He’ll only allow us to suffer long enough for our faith to grow and character improve.  If He allowed the storm to pass through His hedge of protection around your life then it holds within it the power to perfect and strengthen your faith.  Don’t complain, get your eyes off the world and ask God what this is here to teach you.  Turn your brain off, put Jesus back in control, learn and grow.

But what do you do about the problem?  How do you stop the storm?  God has the answer and just as soon as you step out of worry and fear He’ll reveal it to you.  Vow not to make a move until you hear from Him.  Now make no mistake you will still hurt and have some sorrow to contend with but given enough time the storm will pass and joy will return.  We must learn to suffer well, accept sorrow and be patient until it passes.  God’s grace is sufficient to carry you through.  This too shall pass.  Make it a goal today to use every storm that blows through your life to grow in your faith and come up higher.

Copyright Prisoner of Hope.  All rights reserved.

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