Conquering Life's Storms

Impossible Situations

What do you do when a life storm sets in and you can’t find a solution?  When you give someone everything you have, do all you can do for them and they still treat you badly.  I’m not talking about the times you didn’t give your all but when you did.  Sure you made some mistakes but overall your heart was in the right place.  You’ve tried everything you can think of only to strike out time and time again.  You’re tired, frustrated and frightened about what might happen next.  What do you do when all hell is breaking loose in your life?

34d48c2b271904a1d3e0314e0bbceaf4YOU STAND IN FAITH.  By this I don’t mean do nothing.  Standing in faith means to tell your brain to shut up.  It can do nothing more to help you at this stage.  Only God has the answer thus it’s time to study His Word.  You don’t need to try anymore.  No action, no thoughts, no fretting.  He is our strong tower.  The place we run to when we need shelter from the storms of life.  Here we find peace and rest for our souls during difficult times.  Safe in our Father’s arms we find a peace that surpasses all understanding.  Simply read and vow to yourself you will continue reading until God breaks through and gives you direction.  If it takes a day, a week, a year – YOU STAND.  None of this is easily.  It’s a fight to stand in faith when others are pushing you to act.  It’s a fight to stand in faith when your heart is breaking.  And it’s a most certainly a fight to stand when Satan is putting thoughts of fear and painful images in your head.  But, this is a fight you will win because ultimately it doesn’t belong to you.  When you’ve exhausted every possibility and it seems all hope is lost move over because this battle belongs to the Lord.  He is about to break through in your life in an amazing way.

e153358b27c5accc99cfc3f3d85585c5I often find in my darkest hour prayer doesn’t work for me.  I know this is a horrible fact to share but please hear me out before you judge.  You see I tend to be a worrier.  Fear and anxiety have defeated me so many times causing me to pray ineffective worry filled prayers.  I go round and round speaking words of doubt, frustration and defeat only to sink deeper and deeper into despair.  The language of faith is a positive language, ‘I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me’.  So instead of going to prayer I go first to the Word and remind myself of God’s promises.  I pour through Psalms which is the most powerful book of the Bible for me during painful times.  After a while, sometimes a long while, I come back to my Christian senses and once again begin to speak the language of faith in prayer.  The language of faith, not worry and fear, moves mountains.

The truth is nothing can touch your life unless God allows it.  He places a hedge of protection around devout believers which nothing can pass through without His permission.  We must remember God’s promises are, ‘for whosoever will’.  Whosoever will study His Word and apply it to their lives.  Whosoever will repent when they sin and forgive when others sin against them.  God doesn’t expect us to be perfect.  If that were the expectation His Son would not have died for our sins.  No, He knows there will be days when we simply cannot resist taking a bite of that apple.  Thus repentance is part of obedience.

2249af5858619403194d68d954c1fe65Trouble if seen from a ‘God’s going to get some glory out of this’ perspective is a good thing.  Anything that brings us closer to God and keeps us on the pathway home is good.  It’s rare to see the good in the eye of the storm but if you trust Him and let Him work on your situation He’ll see that all things work together for your good.  God doesn’t just focus on the short term but on our eternal future.  What does it profit a man if he gained the whole world but loses his soul?  The body exists only a short while then returns to dust but the soul lives forever.  God allows storms because they are good for the soul.  They get us back on track and cause us to think long term.  We know everything here is temporary but we tend to forget this fact.  This is why we should always keep God first in our lives.  We will spend all eternity with Him.  The energy He loaned us which holds the atoms of our body together will one day return to Him and we will go home.  When we view storms as opportunities for growth suddenly we no longer feel like a small ship lost at sea tossed about by the winds but possess a sense of control and strength.  The storm is here for a reason, to help us grow stronger and have an eternal mind set not just a temporary one.  The storm brings us to our knees, makes us study the Word of God and causes us to seek our Father’s face.  Yes, anything that leads us closer to God is good.

So the next time you encounter an impossible situation simply STAND.  Control your thoughts and bring them under captivity.  Capture every thought and make sure it matches up with God’s promises in Psalms.  Study the Word of God as if your very life depended on it.  Pray faith filled prayers, ‘God I know you have the power to help me, I believe in you and nothing can make me stop believing in you.’  And when you finish praying walk away and live as if you have received what you asked from Him.  The battlefield is the mind.  Conquer your thoughts by meditating on God’s Word.  And remember when you done all you can step aside and hand the sword to our Heavenly Father.  This battle does not belong to you it belongs to the Lord.  Greater is He that is in you than He that is in the world.  You may not be able to withstand the storm but the Holy Spirit within will give you the power to stand and wait for God to deliver you.

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  1. I appreciate your honesty. I have seen God work miracles in my life and promises fulfilled, yet I still catch myself worrying. I guess that’s part of being human. Your words remind me of who is in charge and how to get back on track. I especially love this: “And when you finish praying walk away and live as if you have received what you asked from Him.” Thank you for this powerful encouragement!


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