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Trusting God: Cast Your Care

God has given us freewill and thus will not force us to do things His way.   I find that my days go much better when I let Him direct my course.  I cannot see what will happen tomorrow but I know He’s already there being both omnipotent (ALL POWER) and omnipresent (ALL PRESENT).  But more than that God is a loving Father who loves his children unconditionally.

138a9f77848e517e33d6e2f21ea8baa4I find my prayers are always met with one of two answers.  Give it to Him, trust and cast your care.  Casting your care means a complete surrender of all fear, worry and anxiety when you know there is nothing more that can be done.  When we learn to give what’s troubling us to God it enables us to enter into a rest and peace that surpasses all understanding.  Easier said than done I know.  Some days I think I’ve handed the problem off to Him only to catch myself once again trying to do things in my own strength.  And make no mistake turning a problem over again and again in your head is a failure to cast.  I find it helpful to get out of my head during these times and into the Word of God.

4b35fa7aabe9c583db1c44a2f725da8eThe second answer, I discover there is more that I can do in my own strength to solve the problem.  Something I missed because I was thinking fear filled thoughts and not God filled thoughts.  Make no mistake we can control our thoughts.  Fear, worry and anxiety blind us.  It’s important to stay out of these thought patterns in order to see things clearly.  To know whether to stand or act requires that we are able to capture every thought and make sure it is to the glory of the Lord.  Our heavenly Father will never direct us to do something that goes against His Word.  The Bible instructs us not to fret when we find ourselves faced with a problem but instead to trust Him.  He will make a way when there is no way if necessary so worry is simply a waste of time.

Prayer is a powerful weapon in the life of a follower of Christ.  Life is most difficult when we get lost in the world as we no longer have God’s guidance, protection and strength.  God puts a hedge of protection around every follower’s life.  Life gets easier when we follow and obey the One who created us.  As obedience always brings blessings.  The plan for our lives is in God’s hands.  Only He knows what we were created for.  Any endeavour is easier when you have a sure proof plan and He does.  How do we find out what it is?  Through Prayer.

Cultural opinions and ideas change.  They are shifting sands but God is a rock for us.  The same yesterday, today and tomorrow. You cannot trust the world’s ways as they are constantly changing.  Our heavenly Father is a strong tower that we can run to in times of trouble.  Where we find protection from unfairness, injustice, corruption and misguided opinions.  And He will fight our battles for us if we follow Him.  To truly live a happy peaceful life we must come out of the unstable world and fix our eyes on the God who has promised us stability not just for today but for all eternity.

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