Today's Sermon

Today’s Sermon

b632022d60a0738f520d1871813686f4I’ve listened to Dr. Stanley for many years.  I enjoy his sermons because they are straight out of the Word of God.  Many preachers have taken to performing motivational speeches.  Some find these helpful but I find when I focus on spiritual growth from a ‘me’ perspective — how I feel, how I think about myself or how God can help me – I don’t grow at all.  Motivational sermons and speeches make me feel better for a short while but I experience no lasting effects.  However, when I listen to Christ centered sermons I become stronger and make better decisions.  The flesh is only ‘me’ centered which is why motivational preachers are so popular.  It’s important to remember that the door God walks through into our lives is faith.  Our faith is increased by having a, ‘less of me Lord and more of you mentality’.  When we are focusing on ourselves – our hurts, pain and suffering we are not focused on Him.  I’ve often found that when I get my eyes off me and simply study the Word in order to learn more about Him I’m soon blessed with a peace that surpasses all understanding.  Take it all to the Lord in prayer.  He wants to hear about your heartaches, pain and suffering.  Then, build yourself up by focusing on the God who loves and created you.

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