Advice for life’s dark moments


I do strive to live my life in the moment.  The past is past and the future is not certain so it makes more sense to me to focus on the now.  However, I’ve heard it said that in the moment everything is okay.  As if suffering from past mistakes or worrying about the future are the only things we have to face in life.  But truth be told the moment is not always a peaceful safe happy place either.  What do you do when you find yourself trapped in a painful moment and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it?  The answer to this question will never change.  It has remained the same for over 2000 years and will remain the sole solution until the end of the world.  FOCUS ON CHRIST.

I’m going to share with you a few steps which you might find helpful during the dark moments of your life.  They have been tried and tested during the most painful moments of mine.

  1. Read your Bible and commit to reading it every day.
  2. Pray.  I’ve found over time that reading the Word of God and letting it renew my mind and strengthen me before I pray puts me in a place where I can truly receive spiritual enlightenment.  I rarely find peace when I hit my knees all upset asking God, ‘why’.  We must come to him through faith.  Worried prayers go unanswered as worry is the opposite of faith.  He loves us and will comfort and strengthen us as we cry ourselves to sleep but he really goes to work on our behalf only when we get back in faith.  In other words as soon as we believe that he can help us he does.  Remember in the Bible before Jesus healed the blind man he asked, ‘do you believe that I can do this?’  Jesus of course knew he could heal the blind man.  And Jesus could see into the man’s heart that he did believe in him and his power to heal.  So why did Jesus ask a question he knew the answer to?  Because he also knew future generations of believers like you and I would someday read about the events.  He asked, ‘do you believe that I can do this’ so we’d know that before he will perform miracles in our lives we must first believe.  The unbeliever says to God, ‘prove it to me and then I will believe’.  God says, ‘BELIEVE and I will prove it to you’.  I was once going through a painful situation.  The storm seemed like more than I could bare.  I finally stopped praying and just fell out in tears.  In the midst of my pain and suffering that small still voice said inside said, ‘I’m here.  I will help you.  But the door I walk through into your life is faith.  You must believe.  Get back in faith.’  I suddenly realized that I was waiting on God while he was waiting on me.  I had let my emotions take control and instead of my prayers strengthened my faith — I had chosen to let worry, anxiety and fear slam the door of faith shut.  I grabbed my Bible and went to work.
  3. Do all you can do then stand  Keep the Serenity Prayer close at hand.   vinyl-wall-decal-the-serenity-prayer-by-empressivedesigns-on-etsy-uulZSG-clipart

Many never learn to recognize which problems belong to them and which belong to the Lord.  There are times when there is absolutely nothing you can do about a situation and you must accept that fact.  The truth about these sorts of situations is that God wants to fight the battle all by himself.  He wants to teach you patience and prove that you can trust him.  He desires to bring you to a childlike faith which is able to say, ‘Daddy this mountain is too big for me to climb alone.  Can I ride on your shoulders’.  He is a loving Father.  A provider and a way maker.  God will make a way when there seems to be no way.  Be still and know that he is God.  Tell your emotions to shut up, tell your mind to be quiet and diligently study His Word.  I’ve done this so many times and God has given me ways of solving problems that I would have never thought of.  Eccentric solutions, divine answers and true spiritual enlightenment.  Other times he just deals with it and solves the problem for me.  Once a hate filled bitter woman at work apologized to me after she had spent months trying to get me fired.  She caught up to me in the hallway one day after I had spent months praying about the situation.  With her eyes filled with tears, she said her peace and hugged me.  Then, I stood watching her walk away in total shock.  ‘You did it God’ was all I could say in my head again and again, ‘You did it.  You moved the mountain’.  It’s absolutely surreal when he works that way in your life.  Other times he has given me this supernatural strength to withstand the storm and made me go right through the center of it to strengthen me in one area of my life or another.  God is with you and he’ll make sure nothing you go through is wasted.  Not a single tear will be wasted.  All that you have gone through will be used in one way or another for your good.  What the devil means for evil God will always use for good in the life of a BELIEVER.  We serve an awesome God!!!

4.  Set your sights on the things above.  I love the Word of God because it helps us do this.  When we shut off the television, turn off the computer and open our Bible we are connecting not to the temporary but the eternal.


Here we connect with our powerful ancestors;  Abraham, Jacob, David, Paul….  and the examples they lived for us.  As we read we come to realize that with all of its advancements the world hasn’t changed.  People are still jealous, greedy and self seeking.  Far too often lie and manipulate to obtain power.  Governments were corrupt then and they are still corrupt today.  A man will still step over a poor man to kneel before wealth and power.  While the wealthy and powerful turn their backs on Jesus for the temporary pleasures of this life.  Set your sites on the things above.

Get your head out of this crazy world for a while.  Focus on your true future.  You have a reason to hang on, fight and refuse to give up.  Think about where you are going.  Think about why you are fighting so hard to maintain a right heart.  Focus on home.  Jesus went to prepare a place for you.  It’s real and worth fighting your way through whatever you have to go through to get there.  When all is said and done we realize that the dark moments which were so painful, frightening and devastating were actually good for us.  Dark moments open our eyes to all that is real, true and eternal.  They set us back on the road home.

5.  Establish a Spiritual Routine:  I work daily on my faith and make no mistake it is work.  To come out of the world and be separate is no easy task.  You must capture every thought and make sure they are to the glory of the Lord.  Anxiety, fear, worry, frustration and depression are always lurking just around the corner seeking an opportunity to jump out and wreck your thought life.  I don’t leave the house in the morning until I feel spiritually enlightened by focusing on Christ and reading the Word of God.  I don’t want to take one step without him.  God gives me solutions and a mindset that can’t be found in this world.  He opens doors and blesses me in ways that I never would have imagined or thought possible.  The more time you spend with him the clearer and clearer everything becomes.

Life will never be easy but we do not have to go through the dark moments alone.  Jesus is walking with us and when we find ourselves at a crossroad we simply need to turn to him and say, ‘show me the way’.  Never forget that the door he walks through into your life is faith.  One final note but perhaps the most important thing to remember is not to mistake our Father’s silence as evidence that he hasn’t heard your prayers and isn’t at work in your life.  During the quiet moments don’t press forward alone.  You must, ‘hold the line’.  The silence means God is up to something in your life.  He is working things out for your favor and when the timing is right you’ll hear from him.  Learn to trust him STAND.

Copyright Prisoner of Hope.  All rights reserved.

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  1. Hello fellow blogger. I stopped by to thank you for following me at A Purpose-driven achiever. Appreciated.
    I enjoyed reading your tips and it’s always encouraging to recognise another fellow-believer who has a genuine and tested relationship with God, as your post reveals.
    I love that opening photo used. Did you take this?
    Thank you for sharing.


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